"To live in the Spirit is to be sanctified by the Spirit; to receive the Spirit of holiness and thus be delivered from the power of sin. They, who thus receive the Holy Ghost can say, "The spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death." This is divine holiness; it is the entrance into a sinful heart of a new life which excludes the old and takes its place. It is not the cleansing of the flesh or the improving of the life of self; but it is the imparting of us of a new life which is in itself essentially pure and cannot sin, even the holy life of God." - A.B. Simpson

Battles are won during prayer.


Faithful thoughts…

One of the best ways to limit God is to accept our reality and declare it to be “God’s will”. “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”-Hebrews 11:1. Such a popular verse, but seemingly so tough to live out. It’s so easy to accept situations without any conviction to introduce change, and it takes no faith whatsoever. We don’t spread God’s love to reinforce what already exists. We bring God’s love to spread His light and permeate through everything with His love! A room can’t even hope to stay dark if a single candle is lit. Let’s light it up:)  

Invest in friendship. Money’s not the best company, but I love being around people like this guy:) Good to be home!

Invest in friendship. Money’s not the best company, but I love being around people like this guy:) Good to be home!


Passion. I love seeing, hearing, feeling, and witnessing passion. It gets me excited. Passion allows me to lift to a love song by Basia Bulat and have a great workout. It makes me smile so big tears run down my face. It turns good nights turn into great ones. It brings me out of my comfort zone. 

If I’m going to spend my precious time doing something, why not be passionate about it?

Mother’s Day: The Matos Way.


The attitude of “waiting” for a certain thing to come, or waiting for a certain period/situation of life to come around and save the day…is one I’m trying to eliminate from my life. 

"Once I get ____ my life will be better!" 

"Well if I had ____ I wouldn’t have to worry as much!!"

I’m gonna make it happen—today, tomorrow, and every day. 

I know better, therefore I do better. 


Does anyone else find it fascinating how people can regurgitate information believing it’s completely true based on very little knowledge or assessment of the source? It’s intriguing to me, because I found myself doing it. For example, my mom was discussing fault lines and I said the San Andreas fault line was the “worst one in our area”. Disregard the ignorance displayed in my comment. I heard said “information” regarding the San Andreas fault line from a classmate in elementary school years ago, and I regurgitated the info with confidence, despite having close to zero knowledge on the subject.

I caught myself, backtracked, and admitted I really knew nothing on the topic. Does anybody else find this interesting? I’ve seen people get into HEATED debates regarding topics they’ve investigated from one perspective, source, and point of view. Yet individuals will defend their inherited stance on a topic as if their life depends on it. 

How do we become so passionate about information we’re truthfully ignorant of? 


I’m at a point in my life where I’m finally following through on all my goals I’ve set for myself. 

Dreams, goals, and aspirations are awesome, but if I don’t follow through on anything I set out to do, what’s the point? It’s easy to dream—I’ve all done it since my early childhood. Every dream left disconsolate in my life becomes worthless. I have dreams, and it’s time to live according to those dreams, not a sociological stigma that displays an encapsulated view of living. Productivity’s definitely been on my mind, (or in my actions, rather) lately, and it feels great to follow through—on anything really. I once asked a great man where to start, when setting out to change the world. He responded, “Wake up earlier in the morning”. 

So I got an obnoxiously loud alarm clock:)

I love working out, filming, and editing videos. This is the first video I’ve edited on the T2i, and I put around 5-6 hours into editing it. Love. It’s awesome to post videos on youtube, because it really keeps me accountable for achieving my physique goals. I’ll get there!